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Building Styles

With over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of prefabricated steel buildings, Honeycutt MFG is your trusted partner for the design and manufacturing of your next building project.

Agricultural Buildings

Riding Arenas

With nearly 2 million Americans owning horses, the horse industry now accounts for almost $40 billion dollars in the United States’ yearly GDP. In an industry this big, only the best will do when it comes to protecting your assets. Honeycutt MFG offers this protection with our high grade Indoor/Outdoor Riding Arenas.

Our riding arenas provide you with much more than just a place to ride your horse. Through our design process you can choose to include an attached tack room, livestock feed storage room, stables, rinse rooms, storage space and even office space. Our custom arenas provide you with the freedom to design everything you need for your horses all under the same roof.

Hay Barns

As anyone in the business will tell you, hay barns are much more than just a place to keep your hay dry; hay barns are a business expense that are designed to protect your inventory.

Whether you are running a business hauling hay or storing food for your livestock, our custom hay barns are designed with the strength and longevity needed to give you the safety and security that you need to run your operations.


Our custom sheds come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to meet a variety of needs, including the storage of lawn equipment, RV storage, livestock shelter, a personal workshop, and much more.

No matter what you use your shed for, your goal is to protect the assets within it. Honeycutt MFGs Steel sheds will provide you with the peace of mind that your shed will stand the test of time.

Equipment Storage

Our custom Equipment Storage buildings come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to meet a variety of needs, including the storage of large commercial lawn and farm equipment, RV storage and maintenance shop, livestock equipment, a personal/business workshop, and much more.

No matter what you use your Equipment Storage building for, your goal is to protect the assets within it. Honeycutt MFGs Steel buildings will provide you with the peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time.

Livestock Sheds

Providing your livestock with reliable shelter from the elements often can make the difference between life or death for your four legged friends.

Honeycutt MFG knows the importance of protecting your livestock and offers this protection with our custom designed Metal Livestock Sheds.

Residential Buildings

Metal Garages

Whether it be a Truck, Car, RV, Boat, or ATV, your vehicles are often one of your highest dollar purchases. Storing these outside in the elements will cause irreversible, premature damage and will greatly shorten their lifespan.

Honeycutt MFG appreciates the pride that you take in your vehicles and offers you a solution to this problem. Big or Small, our custom Metal Garages will offer your vehicles the protection that they need, so that they can provide you with transportation and enjoyment that they were designed for.

Metal Houses

Your house will, undoubtedly, be your largest purchase over your lifetime. Whether you are providing a place to raise your family or just to hang your hat, safety is of top priority when it comes to your house.

Honeycutt MFG offers a wide array of custom metal housing options. These metal homes provide safety from the outdoor elements, such as storms, as well as increased safety from indoor dangers, such as fire. Our Metal home options will provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family will not only be safe, but will also have a home that will last through the ages.

Commercial Buildings

Aircraft Hangars

Honeycutt MFG specializes in custom hangars designed to meet your specific aviation storage needs. Our expertise spans from the design and manufacturing process of heliports to commercial and even private jet hangars – Honeycutt MFG has the experience you need to keep your prized possessions safe and secure.

Retail Stores

The success of a Retail Store is measured by its sales/building square foot. To fully maximize your selling opportunity, you must first maximize your selling square footage. Honeycutt MFG buildings are designed for just that.

Our Custom Retail buildings are designed to maximize square foot, while providing a custom look and feel to match your company’s unique vision.

Manufacturing Buildings

No matter the function of your Manufacturing Facility, the key to utilizing its functionality is by maximizing the interior space, while surrounding it with a high grade, top of the line, steel structure.

Your Facility is a key component in the operations of your business; Honeycutt MFG provides the expertise you need to design and erect the perfect building for your unique manufacturing needs.


At the forefront of a metal church building is safety. The strength and flexibility of a Honeycutt metal building will offer you and your congregation the safety and security that you need for your services. Our custom designs allow you to develop the blueprint you require to meet all of your needs.


All across the country schools, churches, community centers and private clubs are trusting and investing in the steel building option for their gymnasium needs.

Our steel structures allow for the column-free interiors and high ceilings that metal gymnasiums require by utilizing our clear span framing.

Storage Units

The mini storage industry has been a top growth sector for more than 35 years. When it comes to designing and manufacturing Metal Storage Units, Honeycutt MFG is leading the way. Our sleek designs and custom options will put your storage unit company on the map.

Steel Building Kit

Building kits are the perfect choice for any on-demand building project. Due to Honeycutt’s new pre-manufacturing and stocking program, our Steel Building Kit options are designed to shave weeks off of our standard delivery lead times. These kits are manufactured and stored at our facility in Pryor, Oklahoma, and shipped straight from our factory to your requested site.

For those looking for affordable, quick manufacturing and delivery, these building kits have the quickest availability of all our products. Building dimensions: Length: Sliding scale up to 75 feet. Width: 50 feet. Eave Height: 14 feet. Roof Pitch: 2:12 

Frame Styles

From straight to tapered, from free-standing to lean-to, Honeycutt offers many different frame styles to fit your custom building needs. Click on a frame style to see a larger version.

Straight column and rafter
Horizontal peak frame
Tapered column and rafter
Flat bottom frame
Interior support column frame
Tapered large span multiple support columns
Tapered column single slope
Tapered lean-to frame
Straight lean-to frame